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Things To Know Before Becoming A Hungarian Vizsla Parent

Getting a puppy is an exciting yet nerve-wracking venture. Taking responsibility for a living creature for a significant amount of time and investing your money and emotions can be a difficult venture. Therefore, it is advised to not make rash decisions while buying a dog. When it comes to Puppies, it gets even more challenging. You can do online research like “Vizsla puppy for sale near me” or “Hungarian Vizsla breeders near me” and will have a puppy in no time. The real challenge begins once you have this cute little companion in your house. You might feel like you have done all the necessary arrangements, puppy-proof your house, and have chewing toys ready. However, these four-legged creatures can surprise you. Here are some important aspects to take into account to pass the test as a Hungarian Vizsla parent. 

1- Space

Hungarian Vizsla puppies may look small but as they grow, and can reach the 40-60lb range. Vizsla dogs are hunters by nature, generally a quite active dog breed. They need decent space as they grow. Therefore, before searching Vizsla puppy for sale near me, consider the place in which you live. Only buy a Vizsla puppy if you have the proper space like a spacious garden or field nearby or a spacious backyard. These four-legged creatures need space where they can run, relax, exercise, and explore.

2- Feeding Habits

Another factor to consider is the eating habits of your canine companion. Hungarian Vizsla dogs are active dogs as a result need a protein-rich diet and lower levels of fats. When it comes to puppies, it is also crucial to properly feed them dog foods filled with nutrients to help them grow healthy and strong. 

3- The Level Of Affection And Attention They Require

The level of attention that dogs or puppies in general require can come off as a big surprise. However, it is one of the essential aspects that one should not take lightly. They require a decent amount of affection and attention especially when it comes to puppies as they have a susceptible emotional state.  Bored and unexercised dogs will find something to do and thus can be destructive.

4- Proper Caring

When it comes to Vizsla dogs, they have a short single coat and do not require much maintenance. Furthermore, they only needed to bathe when feel necessary or they get real dirty. It is always advised to go for a regular vet check-up from time to time or if the need arrises.


When you are looking for “Hungarian Vizsla breeders near me”, above mentioned points are important to take into consideration before opting for Hungarian Vizsla puppy for your home. The last thing any dog owner would want is to be stuck with an unhappy and unruly canine companion. Keep the above factors in mind and analyse if they are the right breed and fit for you.

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